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Don't Miss These Arizona Sights

So you're road tripping through Arizona, which means there's no way you're not visiting the Grand Canyon. While the Grand Canyon is undoubtedly the sight to see, Arizona is packed with other jaw-dropping gems that deserve a stop. From cactus-filled landscapes to old towns straight out of a Western, here are the top things to see in Arizona (that don't start with "Grand").


Nighttime is the best time!

Nestled in between Phoenix and Flagstaff, Sedona is home to the red rock beauty you've always dreamed about. See Cathedral Rock and walk out onto Devil's Bridge if you dare (and if you want a really cool Instagram photo), then grab a bite in Uptown Sedona. Now, while there's no doubt Sedona is breathtaking during the day, its natural magic (literally) lights up at night. Tilt your head back and feel your eyes widen as stars twinkle and shoot through one of the world's most impressive night skies. It's like being in a planetarium but... real! Get ready for one of those "wow" moments you'll never forget.

Just a 35-minute drive southwest of Horseshoe Bend, you'll find the historic Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon. Drive over, or park and take a walk in the pedestrian lane (and test your fear of heights). Technically, this bridge stretches across the East Rim of the Grand Canyon, but it's roughly 100 miles from the South Rim, which is where most tourists spend most of their visit. Most people totally miss these hidden gems up north!

Horseshoe Bend

Wedged between the Grand Canyon and Page, Horseshoe Bend is a definite showstopper. You'll stop in your tracks as soon as you catch a glimpse of this otherworldly, crater-like formation. The contrast of the blue water against the red rock is truly a sight to see. Whether you've seen Horseshoe Bend in pictures, or you've never seen it before, you will not be disappointed.

Antelope Canyon

If you've ever seen a photo of Antelope Canyon, you might've mistaken it for an abstract painting. The light, the colors, the shapes - every characteristic makes Antelope Canyon a one-of-a-kind sight to see. Just a heads up: In order to preserve the pristine beauty of Antelope Canyon, visitors must be accompanied by tour guides.


Nestled in the middle of the desert, this former silver mining town looks more like a Wild West movie set than a real place. Visit the O.K. Corral and, if you're lucky, you might even catch a reenactment of the legendary 1881 cowboy gunfight.

Saguaro National Park

Ready to feel like you're in an episode of "Breaking Bad?" Located just outside Tucson, Saguaro National Park is a cactus-filled, wild-west wonderland. And we're not just talking about any old cacti - Saguaro is home to the largest cacti in the USA! For extra dreamy scenery, take an afternoon hike and stay for sunset.

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