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Pancake recipes from across the globe

Almost every country has some local form of the pancake. Here are a few of our favorites along with links to recipes so that you can make them at home.

China: Scallion Pancakes

You've probably tried these savory pancakes as an appetizer at your favorite Chinese restaurant. But you might be surprised to learn you can make them at home with just four ingredients (plus water and salt). Enjoy this easy recipe.

Denmark: Ebelskivers

This spherical mini pancakes, common in Danish cooking, resemble doughnut holes. They are usually filled with anything from jam to Nutella. Give them a shot here.

Ethiopia: Injera

This sourdough spongy pancake substitutes most bread and is ever present in Ethopian meals. See the recipe here.

France: Crepes

These super thin pancakes vary depending on where in France you order them, but they're made with either wheat or buckwheat. They can be served with savory or sweet toppings from ham and Gruyère to strawberries and Nutella. Most simply, they're served plain with a drizzle of powdered sugar. Recipe here.

Germany: Dutch Baby Pancakes

Despite the name, this deep dish pancake is actually a German invention. Serve them sweet with berries and whipped cream for breakfast or make a savory version—topped with anything from eggs and ham to veggies—for brunch or dinner. Try your hand at it here.

Hungary: Palacsinta

These crepe-like treats are a popular dish around Central and Eastern Europe where you'll often find them garnished with apricot jam, walnuts, or cottage cheese. Get the yummy recipe here.

Italy: Farinata

These Italian chickpea pancakes (also known as cecina) are a typical dish from the Ligurian Coast. It's typically cooked in a wood oven like pizza, but you can easily make it at home in a skillet. Get the recipe.

India: Dosas

A staple of most Indian diets, these thin, crispy pancake-esque bites looks a lot like French crepes, but they're entirely different. Dosas are made with rice and black gram and are usually served with stew or chutney. Get the recipe.

Korea: Pajeon

Pajeon is the Korean version of scallion pancakes. This savory dish is often filled with seafood like squid and shrimp and called Haemul Pajeon. Try this recipe.

Morocco: Beghrir

Popular in North Africa, these semolina flour pancakes are spongy and delicious. They're only cooked on one side (rather than American pancakes, which are flipped), and as a result they're dotted with tiny air bubbles. Get the recipe.

Poland: Potato Pancakes

Also known as latkes, these fried potato pancakes are a common food in Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. They're usually accompanied by apple sauce or sour cream for dipping. Try this recipe.

Russia: Blini

The Russian version of crepes, called Blini, are served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You may see them topped with butter and fruit or salmon and caviar. Enjoy this recipe.

Sweden: Swedish Pancakes

A sort of pancake-crepe hybrid, Swedish pancakes, this light and airy breakfast is often topped with powdered sugar, jam, and berries. Try the recipe here.

Venezuela: Arepas

Made with masa (corn flour), this staple of Venezuelan and South American cooking is similar to pancakes, but it's used in place of sandwich bread and filled with anything from shredded chicken and cheese to refried beans and roast pork. Try this one.

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