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The Benefits of Small Group Holidays

By Dana Perkiss

If you prefer a holiday where everything is already planned for you, then consider our escorted small group travel options that include accommodations, sightseeing, meals, transportation and more.

Best of all, we have taken the traditional escorted holidays and customized them to be made for small groups! Here are some of the many benefits of our small group holidays:

Maximum of 21 people

With a group of at most 21 people, you will be able to enjoy more intimate experiences and greater ease while travelling. Easily be able to recognize all the members of your group, be able to hear and see better during excursions, and get to know your fellow travellers better as opposed to a large group of 50 (the average for most group travel).

Greater flexibility than traditional group trips

With a smaller group of people, you will be able to travel around in a smaller vehicle – which means it can maneuver more easily and reach hidden gems where a larger vehicle could not fit. Small group travel also provides a greater balance of included sightseeing and free time to explore and dine at leisure. Additionally, if something unforeseen occurs, it would be much easier for the tour director to have a backup plan for a smaller group.

Guaranteed departures

Did you know that many traditional group trips have a "seat number" they have to fill, otherwise the trip will be cancelled? Our small group holidays offer guaranteed departures no matter how many people sign up (or don't) – which means you can book with confidence knowing that your holiday is secure.

More nights in each city (less unpacking!)

Most traditional group holidays feature multiple one-night stays and end in the first city, but with our small group travel, you will get at least 2-3 nights in each location. This means you can enjoy a greater amount of time in each city, unpack less, and have to deal with fewer hotel changes.

Centrally-located, 4- and 5-star hotels

Most escorted holidays include stays in hotels outside a city centre, making it harder to explore in free time. With our small group travel options, you will stay in hotels that are all centrally-located and at least 4-stars. Feel secure when exploring during your free time knowing that you will always be close to the hotel and also within walking distance of many attractions.


With hotels, transportation, sightseeing, and many meals included, our small group holidays provide the perfect stress-free trip. Additionally, thanks to a professional tour director, you will be able to get the most of each experience with skip-the-line access to major attractions, expert knowledge about each location, and security knowing that the tour director can help with any language barriers and knows the safest routes.

Wonderfully curated itineraries

Our small group trips provide the perfect balance of incredible inclusions and free time. Explore major attractions and hidden gems only the locals know, while also enjoying enough free time to wander and dine at leisure. Particularly beneficial for first-time travellers to a destination, our small group holidays ensure only the best experiences in the best destinations.


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