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Things to do in the Costa del Sol

Southern Spain is filled with great food, historic charm, amazing landscapes and friendly locals. Here are ten things you can do within driving distance of the coast.

Hit the Beach!

22 of the Costa del Sol’s beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag status.- a guarantee of pristine sands and crystal waters. And with the Costa del Sol having the longest beach season in Iberian Spain, (April to October), there is plenty of time to soak up the sun.

Time for Tee!

With over 70 golf courses, the other name of this part of Spain is the “Costa del Golf”. Almost all of the courses have water views to the south and mountain vistas to the north.

Enjoy the Magic of Malaga

The birthplace of Picasso has two different museums dedicated to his work. There are all kinds of other museums in this culturally rich city as well as Moorish fortresses you can visit.

Hang Around in Ronda

Home to Spain’s oldest Arena, Ronda is a cliff top city ( a bridge joins the two halves of the city by spanning over a 400 foot deep gorge) that claims it is the birthplace of modern bull fighting. The local wineries have been at it since Roman times and are well worth the detour.

Munch on Espestos!

The local delicacy is made with fresh sardines spitted on wood stakes and cooked over hot coals. Often found at “Chiringuitos”, beach bars that serve Andalusian fried seafood dishes, look for the beach side fire pits where they roast the little beauties.

Explore the Alcazaba de Antequera

This Moorish fortress dates to the 1000s, but was expanded in the 14th century. Available audio guide will help you feel the history as you wind your way through this magical structure.

Shop the Atarazanas Market

Central markets are an important part of daily life in Spain. This gem in Malafga is no exception. he exquisite stained-glass window above the entrance makes it feel a bit like a cathedral to culinary worship.

Hike El Torcal Natural ParkEltorcal

There are jaw dropping views that include the stone columns and spires, valleys that feel like stadiums for giants, and colossal terraces of ridged limestone where you can watch the Iberian ibex’s scamper up sheer walls.

Discover the Bioparc Fuengirola

There aren’t any cages at this attraction, as the animals like Himalayan tapirs, Sumatran tigers, pygmy hippos and orangutans are separated from the public by ravines or elevated walkways. Glass viewing windows will also get you (safely) close to crocodiles and gorillas.

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