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10 Things to see and do in Gibraltar

Take a Dolphin Watching Tour

There are a lot of sardines, mackerel, and flying fish off the Gibraltar coast and all of these make for scrumptious meals for the local dolphins. You can spot pods of up to 500 dolphins feeding and playing in these waters. The affordable tours include incredible views or the Pillars of Hercules and the African and European coastlines.

St Michael’s Cave

The largest of the island's more than 150 caves, St. Michael's Cave lies at about 800 feet above sea level and is filled with colorful stalactites and stalagmites.

The Gibraltar Skywalk

Built in 2018, the skywalk may not be for you if you are a afraid of heights. The views from over 1000 feet above the shoreline, you get stunning, picture-worthy views of the island.

The Moorish Castle

Originally built in the 8th century and rebuilt in the 14th, the Tower of Homage remains as the tallest monument of the Islamic history of the Iberian peninsula.

Castlemates Square

The Gibraltar National Museum

Since 1930, this museum focuses on both the cultural and natural history of the island, In it you will find some well-preserved 14th century baths, a collection of Roman anchors, and a miniature of the Rock as it appeared in the mid 1800’s.

The Great Siege Tunnel

The most important military installation in the Mediterranean, the Great Siege Tunnels of Gibraltar are an amazing experience. Carved from the sheer face of the "Notch," the northern face of the Rock, using nothing but manual labor, this labyrinth of tunnels was built by the British in just six weeks in order to defend against a combined force from France and Spain when they tried to recapture the Rock from Britain.

The Alameda: Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

La Alameda Gardens is a perfect refuge from the busier attractions on the island. Found at the end of Main Street near the Southport Gates, the garden, with its glorious subtropical vegetation, was created in 1816.

The Gibraltar Cable Car

Constructed in 1966, it can carry groups of up to 30 passengers at a time up the 1350 feet to the "Top of the Rock." It only takes six minutes and offers some of the best views you're ever experience of the Mediterranean as you make the climb. An audio guide explains details of the sights along the way.

The Barbary Macaques

The only living monkeys in Europe, they can be found in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve in the Upper Rock area of the island. Legend has it that if the apes ever leave Gibraltar, so too will the British. Do be careful though. as cute as they are are, these are wild animals and can bite you if you get too close.

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