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What to Bring Back from Morocco

When you visit Morocco, you'll want to take the whole country home with you. Unfortunately, the whole country won't exactly fit into your luggage. Lucky for you, these perfect souvenirs will!

Grab these items to turn your own home into a Moroccan paradise, so you'll be able to feel the beautiful spirit of Morocco years after you fly home.


Blue and white - what a sight!

Morocco is famous for its distinct pottery and ceramics. Shops and markets are flooded with beautiful hand-painted pieces; you won't be able to choose your favorite! While Fez is known for its traditional blue and white painted pieces, you can find all sorts of rich colors and intricate patterns throughout Morocco.


Ras El Hanout

What's Ras el hanout? It's a common spice mix used in all sorts of Moroccan dishes. This is your chance to take the mouthwatering flavors of Morocco home with you! Visit local markets for fresh spices and do your best to recreate your favorite Moroccan dishes in your own kitchen. Or, just leave them on your counter and let them look pretty!


Let there be light!

From hanging lamps to table candle lanterns, these beauties are the perfect addition to any room. Watch as soft light illuminates through warm colors and intricate patterns. Choose from unique arrangements of brightly-colored glass, hammered metals, and exquisite shapes!

Tea Sets

Pinkies up!

Moroccan tea sets are as ornate and beautiful as they are useful. Sip out of colored glasses and pour delicious tea from a handmade pot! Usually made out of silver, these traditional teapots are engraved with intricate patterns. Don't just kettle, find the one you truly love!

Argan Oil

The ultimate beauty product

We all know that argan oil is a known miracle hair product, but that's not all it does! The local people of Morocco use it to heal scars and moisturize skin, among other things. True argan oil from Morocco should be clear, somewhat murky, and dull-yellow in color. Don't buy anything too gold! There are some vendors who mix the oil with other additives in order to make a cheaper product, so don't fall it.


If the shoe fits...

These hand-stitched leather slipper-shoes are as traditional as Moroccan attire gets. Did you know Vogue actually named the Babouche the "It Shoe of 2016"?! Trendy and traditional, these slippers come in all different colors and are embroidered with a plethora of different patterns.

Berber Carpets

They really "tie the room together."

It's no secret that Morocco produces some of the most beautiful rugs in the world. Tons of stores sell "Moroccan-style" rugs, but this is your chance to purchase an authentic one! Choose among mesmerizing tribal designs, rich colors, and alluring textures. What better way to remember the beauty of Morocco than to see it every single day?

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