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Amazing Destinations in Portugal

Fairytale palaces, picturesque wine regions, and over 600 miles of coastline with breathtaking beaches – it’s not hard to see why Portugal is one of the hottest destinations of the year!

From cities of kings to canal-laden streets, here are 8 of the dreamiest destinations in Portugal.


Explore fairytale palaces!

Discover remnants of Portugal’s Moorish past with a visit to Sintra, a city dominated by pastel-colored villas and former royal residences.


Former residence of Portugal’s first king.

Snake through medieval alleyways, discover Romanesque cathedrals, then explore the city’s most famous landmark: the oldest university in Portugal! Coimbra is also the only city in which you can hear the haunting melodies of Portuguese Fado sung exclusively by men.


Sloping hills and romantic coastlines.

History, art, and energy blend beautifully with Portugal's culture of leisure in the capital city. You can even take a literal journey through history with a ride on the famous tram 28, which uses trams from the 1930s!


Cheers to Portugese wines!

Historic squares, idyllic riverbanks, and famous Port Wines await those who enjoy wine tours. From medieval districts to Baroque churches, there is no shortage of sights to explore and fall in love with.


Unwind at famous beaches!

This postcard-worthy region of Portugal may be known for its overabundance of beaches, but there’s much more to discover in the country’s southern-most region. You can also enjoy sweeping views from scenic cliffs, or explore fishing villages sprinkled with sweets-colored buildings!


Comprised of nine volcanic islands!

From bathing in mineral springs to whale watching on the Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago of Azores offers visitors an abundance of ways to unwind and connect with nature.


Nicknamed the “Venice of Portugal.”

Start your mornings off with a stroll or boat ride along the city’s romantic canals, which are lined with colorful boats and buildings. In the evening, there’s no better place to indulge in a freshly-caught meal than in one of the many waterfront restaurants – talk about a dream destination!

Madeira Archipelago

Known as the “Floating Garden of the Atlantic.”

Lush landscapes, breathtaking flower gardens, and terrains ranging from scenic cliffs to magical waterfalls await!

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